this post has a compilation of alternative ways to say extremes (i.e. instead of very afraid use terrified, instead of very neat use immaculate). 

website where you type in a definition and it gives you a list of words. its not perfect but it’s sort of fun and sometimes helpful.

rhyming dictionary

getting to know your character

tips for writing specific character types (masterpost)

the psychology of color (masterpost)

the stages of death (i haven’t read it through completely, but i’ve skimmed it and it looks really helpful for writing realistic deaths)

writing smut (masterpost)

unisex names

emotion wheel

a bunch of generators (places, names…)

surname masterpost, really helpful for me (i know that i, for one, always have trouble coming up with good surnames). these are organized based on language origin. 

huge huge writing masterpost. i’m too lazy to put all the links individually.

another AWESOME writing masterpost

post that has the inflated vs concise versions of words and phrases. 

positive and negative character traits

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writing help